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We’re located on the border of Stacy and Chisago City!
Please call our Phone: Six Five One – 2 5 7 7 – Four Zero Eight

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  1. Hello,
    I am interested in purchasing a Barn Quilt for the side of my garage. Could I please get more information? What exactly are they are made of?
    How long they take to make?
    Approximate weight?
    How well do they endure the elements and how much do they cost?
    Thank you so much for your help!
    Linda Mangen

  2. I am from Leighton, Iowa, a small town southeast of Des Moines. I am interested in a barn quilt for my parents for Christmas. The size I am wanting is 2×2. Have you ever mailed any quilts? If you have do you remember the cost of shipping? I love your work. I saw you @ a flea market by Minneapolis.
    Thanks, Jane

  3. My wife and I painted two quilt squares. Since Turing them over too Dave, we have heard nothing as too where they are, or if they’ll be used. Could you please send the info to us? Thanks.
    Gerald and Rachel carlson

  4. We live on angel hill a historic district in taylors falls. We think it would be great to have a quilt in our yard which is the beginning of the angel hill distict. Is there a cost. Please let us know how we can go about getting one or if it is feasible. We have so any people drive by our home it would be great to promote the quilts. Thank yoj

  5. Good morning! We recently restored our old barn in Kettle River, MN and were thing of dressing it up with a barn quilt. Looking for ideas, pricing and availability. A little history, is located in Kalevala Twp. a predominately Finnish area. Barn was built by Finlanders in early 20’s, I was looking for something of Scandinavian design or some thing similar to Norwegian Rosmaling. I have a large area on one of the gable ends wher I would like in install probably a 6’X6′ , 8’X8′ square or possibly 6′ to 8′ Round or star. Your thoughts.

  6. Hello
    I’m wondering when you will start your quilt tour? We are in the process of creating a quilt project and would like to possibly have it completed to be added to your tour.

  7. Would like to purchase a 4×4 quilt for my garage, pls give me info on design I can choose, what the product is made of, and how you mount it or can we mount ourselves?

  8. Hi,
    We live on hwy 95 3 miles north of Taylors Falls. Our barn has a gable end that faces the hwy and we would love to display a barn quilt. I’m thinking either a 6×6 or 8×8. Looking pricing, ideas, availability. Thoughts?
    Karen Olson

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