We can create a pattern for you or choose from the many different patterns already created! Additionally create your own pattern and we’ll make your barn quilt!

Bachelors Puzzle
Bear Paw
Birds Nest
Broken Dishes
Cards Trick
Cats Cradle
Contrary Wife
Corn & Beans
Country Roads
County Fair
Court House Steps
Crossed Canoes
Dutchmens Puzzle
Eight Point Star
Excited Star
Friendship Star
Gentlemens Fancy
Goose in the Pond
Goose Tracks
Grandmothers Fan
Hen and Chicks
Hole in the Barn
Hovering Hawks
Iowa Star
LeMoyne Star
Log Cabin No. 1
Log Cabin No. 2
Maple Leaf
Mill Wheel

6 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. Hi!
    We are in California. There is a small community (about 150 cabins and about 1/3 used regularly) in the Sierra Nevada mountains (elevation 6,500 feet- snow in the winter) located on private property inside the Kings Canyon National Park ( home of huge Sequoia trees). It was established before the park was established. We have a group who enjoys quilting together for a week every summer. This summer we decided to all paint a board representing a quilt block to hang on our cabin.
    It should be fun to see what is created.

  2. Hi. I would love to see an actual Arrowhead one done up. I can’t picture it from just the diagram. Could you send me a pic of one that’s done? Thank you so much!!!! Sue

  3. What colors are available for the ‘Barn Quilts’? I’d love to have a 2′ x 2′ “Hen And. Chicks” pattern for our new large chicken coop!

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